This portfolio is a visual memoir and homage to the journeys of family, friends, neighbors and strangers. We are the wanderers who have experienced love, light and loss, traveling on the road with an unwelcome companion. Although the subject matter is serious, I aspire to lightness of spirit and a continuing appreciation of this uneasy passage.

Each image features the rose, symbol of unfolding mystery, strength and beauty; the precious present. Individual works interplay images, words and ideas. Some pieces honor and celebrate specific individuals. Others record the mish-mash of a mystery tour navigating physical, psychological and spiritual realms of meaning.

The project is dedicated to the memory of my parents. Margaret Ruth Clark Wood died from breast cancer in 1999: A woman of Amazing Grace, she was a strong and beautiful flower. C. Mike Wood, the Sun in our family Universe, passed away unexpectedly in 2010: The loss shook my world, but the love goes on.

Art Photography by Jim Wells

Original works are an intimate 5 x 7” scale. My mixed-media process combines watercolor, acrylic, collage, assemblage and ink, yielding miniature worlds that are transparent and complex, surprising and familiar, serious but fun. Titles reflect the artist’s serendipitous dialogue with the work in progress, followed by the name of the inspiring rose (in parentheses.)