Heirloom (Honor)

Heirloom (Honor) is the flagship piece of the series, emblematic of some unique family hand-me-downs. The lace imprint is a remnant of my Mom’s sewing box, that quintessentially feminine item. The pink ribbon symbolizes the unique bond my sister and I share with our mother through breast cancer. The ribbon is painted over a roster of brain anatomy. Our minds and our spirits are interconnected with our physical bodies, our “matter”. Beliefs and thought patterns are heirlooms, like genes and sewing boxes. Everything matters. My sister and I carry the honor of being our mother’s daughters, and are ever mindful of her many gifts. Postscript: After my second diagnosis in 2004, I tested positive for the BRCA genetic mutation. Mom had tested negative, so Dad agreed to be tested. Turned out the mutation was carried through the male line. Heirlooms ain’t gender specific!

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