Daily Numbers (Blaze)

Daily Numbers (Blaze) was prompted by recycled "Twelve Days of Christmas" wrapping paper, leading to the association of "counting the days" of treatment ó this many scans, this many treatments ... marking time. The body image highlights the brain and nerves, and their importance in the healing process. The colors are vibrant, rosy hues, emphasizing energy and vitality. My hand-written text includes the phrase "She will have her way," a quotation from a trusted spiritual advisor. A subtle collage element incorporates actual handwriting from my friend Blaise (RIP) in celebration of my final radiation treatment. Serendipity offered up the Blaze rose (catch the pun) at the heart center, a nifty footnote for my friendís contribution. At one point I attached the flipside of a Chinese fortune, imprinted with lucky "Daily Numbers." The paper fortune was eventually peeled away, but the title stuck! This piece was purchased for the Thompson Cancer Survival Center Foundation and graces the cover of The Best Possible Bad Luck.

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